Which 7 tips ensure more free time in everyday freelance work?

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Which 7 tips ensure more free time in everyday freelance work?

A clear advantage of freelancers is to be able to work at any time and to be able to free up at any time. However, it is easy to lose track of how much work you can do in what time. That is why it makes sense to set yourself fixed working hours and to get up at the same time every morning. Procrastination and procrastination are also curbed. Freelancers can find more free time when their friends and family are available too. If that is too close to an employee relationship, you can first try a fixed starting time and let the working day end flexibly. A strict core working time , to which you can hang hours at the front and back, is also conceivable. The weekend is also easy to plan with such specifications. 


The freelancer actually chooses his job and thus gains more free time. Nevertheless, not every project is equally exciting or creative. But those who work through their unpleasant tasks and do not postpone them will be happy about their progress. Because experience has shown that you need even more time for such projects if you are unmotivated and have to sacrifice your free time. But as it is, the orders are ready and don’t wait on Sunday evening. And then it’s the turn of the funny projects again. 


It makes sense to process the requests in the order in which they come in. It makes even more sense to sort them by submission date in order to meet deadlines. Most sensible, however, can be a very personal assessment of your own capacities. Those who know their work, their speed and the length of the project know when they can best complete which type of project. A short project could be put off if it is done within a day. Perhaps a somewhat more boring task is better off on a sunny day, for example, when your own mood is at its peak. If you know how to optimally organize your working hours, you can enjoy more free time when in a different way. 


Most people now find it difficult not to be always online. However, if you want to concentrate on your current project, constant glances at your e-mail inbox are annoying. Customers can easily do without their freelancers for an hour. And if you want something urgent, you can call. In addition, the clients learn that they cannot be reached every minute and not even on weekends. Basically you should of course always be available for questions and new inquiries, but project phases are very important. Setting up fixed e-mail times promotes concentration for these phases and the jobs are finished faster. In the evening, you can find more free time when the day has already been productive.

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Each client will set a submission date for their projects. It can make sense to commit yourself to an even earlier date. The longer the processing time and the larger the project, the earlier your own appointment should be. Because anyone who works from home is easily distracted. In addition, every job can turn out to be more time-consuming than expected. If your own deadline cannot be met, there is still enough buffer to hand it in on time and not have to postpone the whole thing to the weekend. If you are finished sooner, you can enjoy more free time.

6. NO!

Do I really need the new project? It’s nice to have a lot of inquiries about his work. But in stressful phases, it can make sense to turn down time-consuming projects with lower pay. Often there is a tendency to take orders from good customers without questioning them. Occasionally, however, you should reconsider whether you actually have the capacity and whether the effort is worthwhile in individual cases. After all, freelancers also need a certain hourly rate for their fixed costs. This also gives the current tasks more space and the quality of the work is impressive. 


Those who cannot or do not want to do without orders can also ask the customer for more time. This should be done as soon as possible when making the request. With the appointment calendar in front of you, you can estimate when there will be air for a new task. Customers who work with freelancers often plan their own buffers. Anyone who honestly says when they can really concentrate on the new project scores with conscientiousness. In this way, self-employed people can find and plan more free time between jobs. And by the way: very few clients work on weekends. 

Bonus tip

Proper time management is the key to free time. And that mainly depends on self-management. Those who observe themselves and know when or how they work best can distribute their tasks in this way. Everyone has more or less concentration at different times of the day. Freelancers who use their phases with more concentration can then process tasks better and faster. This automatically results in more free time.

If you want to find more free time, you should just try out one or the other freelancer tip. Those who take a complete break also have the option of a vacation replacement through a secretarial service. Not all suggestions can be implemented at any time for every self-employed person. Nevertheless, the ideas can help to open up a new perspective on daily free work.

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