Facebook Horizon Workrooms: Meetings now only with VR glasses ?!

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Facebook Horizon Workrooms: Meetings now only with VR glasses ?!

Facebook today released the beta version of Horizon Workrooms through Oculus The VR app is for companies that work in the home office and still want to encourage interactive contact among colleagues. Important the features are hand gestures, fully customizable avatars and mixed reality.

Facebook publishes Horizon Workrooms

Facebook’s goal is to Horizon Work Rooms, employees in the home office better with each other to connect and work interactive make. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than normal have been working from home and Facebook has taken advantage of this. Horizon Workrooms is Facebook answer to “feeling’s isolated” into the home office.

What Horizon Workrooms can do

All functions and the full  experience are available in Horizon Workrooms with the Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses. However, it is not absolutely necessary to have VR glasses: Employees can switch on via video with their smartphone or laptop .

What immediately catches the eye: Oculus focuses on many small details in the conference room The clouds move past the windows and smoke rises from the chimneys in the distance. In addition, each employee creates their own avatar with individual clothing and accessories.

The conference room has different modes, for example the presentation mode. In addition, the table is automatically reduced or enlarged depending on the number of participants.

Another function is hand tracking. It transfers real hand gestures into the virtual world. We communicate a lot with our hands in everyday life: thumbs up, pointing at an object, etc.

Horizon Workrooms is a mixed the reality application: be It integrates components of the real world into the virtual world. This becomes visible when the program scans the desk before the first use and transfers it 1: 1 into the virtual world . This means that screen sharing is also possible. The Nobody sees anyone’s else’s screen unless screen sharing is turned on.

In offline conference rooms are whiteboards an integral part of the routine. They are mainly used to brainstorm. Thanks of the virtual whiteboard , employee’s can share their thoughts into Horizon workrooms.

You either get up and write directly on the virtual whiteboard or you write comfortably on your desk and the note automatically appears on the virtual whiteboard.

Hoizon Oculus Quest Workrooms 3

Price and availability

The beta version is available starting today . It is not yet know when the fully version will be released. The Oculus offers Horizon Workrooms  free .Of cost

Oculus and Facebook received a lot of criticism because an Oculus account requires a Facebook account . Horizon Workrooms is independent and you need a Workrooms account.

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