Freelancers can now offer their services on LinkedIn’s new gig marketplace

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Freelancers can now offer their services on LinkedIn’s new gig marketplace

LinkedIn aims to provide more opportunities for freelancers by expanding its service market, which is strongly voice-based and designed to enable better communication between brands and freelancers.

LinkedIn service listings

LinkedIn launched its first beta test of its services market in February, and since then the number of users in the test pool has grown to 2 million. Now, LinkedIn is expanding its capabilities globally, offering new ways to make it easier to find and stay in touch with freelancers and maximize opportunities.

As the images above show, with the latest additions to LinkedIn, users who add a list of services to their profile can now benefit from advanced discovery, new referral tools, search filters, and more to help business owners narrow down to their needs. independent service providers.

LinkedIn has also streamlined its freelance login process by ensuring that when someone receives information from your service page, they can send a service request immediately without you having to log in or follow you.

What’s a major improvement that essentially opens up its freelance lists to a much larger audience and makes it easier to connect through the tool.

In addition to this, LinkedIn also added a new dashboard for service providers to track various queries and requests:

LinkedIn Services Dashboard

“   When you create a service page, you now have a dashboard that you can use to manage project requests and messages directly from LinkedIn. There is no need to manage different communication channels. And we’ll send you notifications when new requests or new messages arrive.

The new dashboard also includes a Review Status section where users can manage the customer reviews displayed on their service page.

The update is one of many new job sign-in features announced by LinkedIn that also aim to facilitate more flexible job settings for job queries with new “Remote”, “Hybrid” and “On Site” filters on job search and Open to pages. Job features, while adding new company page summaries for job seekers to learn more about employment policy. work (including vaccination requirements and other information back to the office).

LinkedIn job types

Amid the changing provisions of COVID restrictions and the gradual return to the office, the new filters will make it easier to communicate personal preferences while understanding the specific requirements of each workplace.

And LinkedIn should clearly benefit from the ongoing economic recovery. In another    LinkedIn Engineering blog post, the   platform reports that:

“   Job turnover has increased 50% year-on-year, and as more and more applicants apply for new jobs, we’re seeing a record number of vacancies on LinkedIn. Teleworking is also on the rise, with one in eight US LinkedIn jobs now telecommuting, up from 1:67 in March 2020. “

It’s a lot of activity and a lot of change in the entire workforce that LinkedIn is trying to take advantage of with these new updates to meet as many opportunities as possible.

Continuing this, LinkedIn will also aim to provide more guidance to job seekers   at the    Career Summit on Oct. 27   , where LinkedIn Learning instructors will present tips and approaches for career change.

“Career Summit brings together career professionals one day, when we are committed to it, which will take us to where we want to go – to learn new skills.  The events, ranging from career management goal-page business development, you can participate in all of them, or choose yourself most interested in.  Join us live and ask your questions or see later when it suits you.

Given the scale of the career changes taking place, it makes sense that LinkedIn should take these changes into account as it seeks to maximize opportunities and connect more users to the professions that best match their interests.

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