Latest Magisk manager release adds support for Android 12

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Latest Magisk manager release adds support for Android 12

If you consider yourself a power user in the Android ecosystem,

the name “Magisk” really needs no introduction. Thanks to the creation of John Wu, aka XDA Senior Recognized Developer    topjohnwu

youcan    easily get the   root of your  Android device   according to the   beauty spot  boot image

. However, because Magisk also has to do to provide an unstructured root interface, it usually needs to be updated to be compatible with the latest version of Android. Now with   Android 12 has reached a stable channel, topjohnwu has developed a new version of Canary from Magisk that is able to root the latest version of Android.

It’s been   more than five months    since Magisk’s   last major release  , so this update is quite significant. This is the first build of Magisk that John Wu released after leaving   Apple to join Google’s Android security team   . The centralized Magisk module backpack was also removed from the  Magisk  application, as   topjohnwu   noted in August.

However, a new element is available for root enthusiasts to play with. “Zygisk,” or Magisk in Android’s zygote process, is a further development for an unstructured interface that topjohnwu and several other developers have been working on for some time. With this version of Canary, you can now learn about the preliminary features of Zygisk. If you are   interested in building modules  ,   see the Zygisk API and example module    .

The full Changelog

 latest Magisk Canarian version (d7e7df3b – 23010) is as follows:

  • [General] MagiskHide has been removed from Magisk
  • [General] Supports only 64-bit systems
  • [General] Supports Android 12
  • [Zygisk] Introducing the new feature: Zygisk
  • [Zygisk] Enable DenyList to restore Magisk functions on selected processes
  • [MagiskBoot] Supports 32-bit kernel zImages repair
  • [MagiskBoot] Supports boot image titles v4
  • [MagiskInit] Support for loading boot configurations  /proc/bootconfig
  • [MagiskInit] Better support for some Meizu devices
  • [Magisk] Better supporting for some Oppo / Realme devices
  • [MagiskSU] Use isolated devpts files if the kernel supports it
  • [resetprop] Deleted properties are now deleted from memory instead of just being broken
  • [Application] Create one APK for all ABIs
  • [Application] Switch to using the standard sub-navigation bar
  • [Application] When loading modules, the Magisk application is removed

To start using root on Android 12,   download the latest version of Canary   or go to the Canary release channel in the Magisk app settings and then update the app. If you run into problems, make a bug report   in the  project’s  GitHub archive   .

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