List of the Best Free Fire Pets with Healing Skills as of November 2021

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List of the Best Free Fire Pets with Healing Skills as of November 2021

Best Free Fire Pets: Free Fire offers a unique gaming experience of the which is one of the main reasons for its overwhelmingly popularity. Pets in Free Fire play an important role in increasing the overall performance of the player with their powerful in-game abilities. Unlike characters, they are small in terms of size and skills, but powerful in certain scenarios.


Characters are a great integration  with Free Fire  and they can be used for both aggressive and defensive gameplay. Most players want to upgrade their rank with health being the top priority in survival as they upgrade. All healing characters require a companion to be overwhelmed, and pets are the only choices for assistance. The pets have unique abilities and healing skills are required for both rush and passive gameplay. This article contains a list the all of the Healing Ability of Pets available in Free Fire the starting November 2021.

Best free fire pets with healing abilities

5. Shiba

best free fire pets

Ability: Mushroom Sense

Shiba pet looks cute and is one of the most adorable pets in Free Fire. Technically, its ability doesn’t directly heal players, meaning it doesn’t give the player any HP. But it helps to find the cures that give health known as mushrooms.

Players can spot surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds, with the marker lasting for 30 seconds at the base level. At the maximum level, the marking time is reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds.

4. Ghost fox

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Ghost fox

Ability: Well fed

Spirit Fox is another of the pet that looks adorable in the game. Its ability allows players to gain additional HP when using medkits. At the base level, players with the Well Fed ability can restore an additional 4HP when using a medkit.

At the maximum level, the ability recovers 10 HP when using a medkit.

3. Robo

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Ability: Wall Enforcement

Robo looks like a modern technology-based project and the capability is called Wall Enforcement. The ability adds a protective shield to a Gloowand when used and gives the player 60 HP at the base level or level 1.

When the level of the skill is maximized, the skill gives the player 80HP while giving a shield to the Gloowand

2. Panda

best free fire pets

Ability: Panda’s Blessing

Another pet with healing abilities, Panda is a master pet if played aggressively. His ability is similar to Jota’s persistent raids, which give the player health when killed.

At the base level, the ability will deploy / restore 4HP if a kill is successfully performed. When the level is maximized, the ability restores 10HP on a kill.

1. Ottero

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Ability: Double Bubble

While all of the other pets in the game use healing abilities to help restore HP, this pet is aimed at XP. This ability is somewhat similar to K.’s Master of All ability, which is also based on XP.

At the base level, the ability recovers some XP when using a treatment gun or medkit. The amount of EP recovered ability is 35% of the HP recovered. So if you heal, your EP will be 35% of the HP you gained. The percentage increases to 65% when the level is maximized.

Note: The pets listed above are not ranked.

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