PUBG New State records over 1 million+ downloads in just one day

PUBG: New State released for Android or IOS
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PUBG New State records over 1 million+ downloads in just one day

A day after its launch,    PUBG: The New State has    already collected 1 million downloads worldwide. Krafton    launched the game yesterday    and seems to have already won, despite suffering a variety of bugs.

PUBG: New State

Although many players may not be able to connect to the account and some have failed to launch the game altogether, the game still managed to surpass one million downloads on the Google Play Store. So far, the game has also been # 1 in the Big Charts on the iOS app store. Prior to its release, the game had already collected 40    million pre-registrations on both Google Play and the Apple App Store    . So it’s no surprise that the game has already won.

For those unfamiliar, the title New State is part of the popular monarchy but is based on modern conditions. But while millions of people have already got their hands on the game, it has not been well received. In the past we have reported that many people have experienced problems with unresponsive games, disconnection of the server, and an interesting 38% of screen loading. Some users are not even able to launch the game, and the worst part is the possibility that the  device is rarely   available to turn off your cell phone   .


While this may distract players from the game, Krafton recognizes this issue and even offers an optional update to address some of these issues. Currently, this update option is only available on Android devices and replaces the old graphics API versions in OpenGL ES for devices that do not support the Vulkan API. In addition, the update also addresses crashes in Vukhan that occurred on other devices. The company also fixed an issue where improving the game immediately after the launch of the game caused the game to crash, while also offering some toothpaste and repair stability.

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