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Compiling a written proposal can be a very thankless task. The time you need to prepare an offer is not paid for. Depending on the request, it is questionable whether it will be concluded at all. The more often the offers are turned down, the more frustrating this task becomes. However, frustration in preparing an offer is a bad prerequisite if you also want to convert promising job inquiries into assignments. You can find out what you can do to avoid the frustration of preparing an offer in this post.

Why is it so time-consuming to prepare an offer?

Let us briefly take a look at the customer’s environment. With classic goods purchases, the customer decides how many units are required from a product. For example, if the customer wants to set up an office, he orders 3 chairs, 3 tables, 3 computers, etc. In contrast to products, individual services are not standardized. Quantities such as the time required and the quality of the results vary more for services than for products. When selling individual services, we as the offer maker have to decide how many hours are needed to achieve the result desired by the customer. Online shops, for example, can conveniently automate the task of preparing offers while we are freelancers have to create almost every offer individually. In addition, we have to provide the customer with good arguments for the calculated time required, as he can rarely estimate how long a corresponding implementation will take.

How much effort does the written offer take?

You can often tell from the wording of the request whether the customer is seriously interested in your service or not. If I do not see any serious interest in the request, I will not send you an offer. I prefer to invest the time gained in offers for jobs that are more promising. The preparation of offers for larger projects can then take several hours. Especially when you buy additional services and are also dependent on offers. For services that are often in demand, I have put together a small catalog of services in which prices and descriptions are stored.

How do you recognize serious job inquiries?

At the beginning of a freelance activity, it is difficult to distinguish good from bad job inquiries. You really want to use every chance to get jobs. After a few months of experience, it will be a lot easier. In the meantime I have laid down a few rules that will help me decide whether or not to make an offer at all.

I will make an offer if

  • The request comes from a company with which I already have a positive business relationship
  • the request specifically relates to my range of services and the customer has a specific idea of ​​how to implement the project
  • Working together offers me enormous opportunities for personal and business development

I am not making an offer if

  • I do not see any appreciation of my work from the request, e.g. through ridiculously small budgets
  • The cooperation does not offer me any new opportunities for further development and at the same time the budget is only mediocre.
  • I recognize that the request is only aimed at submitting an offer without any serious intention to commission *

* especially with public clients, who usually have to obtain three offers in order to be able to award an order. In some cases there is a service provider who is supposed to carry out the order in advance. In order to meet the requirements for placing the order, two additional offers are then obtained without the intention of placing the order.


While you are making an offer for almost every request at the beginning of your freelance work , you should try to find out as soon as possible which requests are really promising. Focusing on the promising inquiries makes you more efficient, happier and ultimately more successful.

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