WhatsApp for Android get list update: 3 cool features just added new version

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WhatsApp for Android get list update: 3 cool features just added new version

Android WhatsApp chooses tricks 

WhatsAppfor Android gets a host of new features thanks to a new beta update.  The update follows the application for a few tense months, which have introduced various improvements to its platform.  During the last update, the messaging app announced major changes to how it allows users  to handle in- app voice messages , now allowing users to pause and resume the voice message as they wish.  

Below we’ve picked out more details about the beta update and highlighted three highlights to save you the hassle of finding them yourself.  These are:

1. New control bar

Control bar
(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApi  experts first noticed the  WABetaInfo  messaging app  on the site , which is attached to something with its newly designed control bar  .  It’s now true that users can choose a picture-in-picture format to view the link by sharing a link with YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram with a friend on WhatsApp.  However, this new feature offers a redesigned approach to this feature and extends support for displaying other types of media in picture-in-picture format.

WhatsApp’s redesigned look for picture-in-picture media for chatting comes with the introduction of a new control bar.  The bar gives you much more control over how users digest the content of their in-app chats.  Users can easily pause, resume, and edit video in a variety of formats.  Previously, the control bar was only available for videos shared from YouTube, but WhatsApp clearly wants to extend it to other types of supported videos to make the user experience more enjoyable.

2. New status updates

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

In addition to recent plans WhatsApp  app design  updates  introduce new   .  By adding status updates to the growing legacy, the new feature allows users to undo accidentally posted status updates.  This is useful if you accidentally enter something incorrectly when entering a status, or if you need to go back and change something.

The “Undo” feature allows users to quickly delete status updates that may have been posted in error.  Although the existing WhatsApp setting already allows users to delete status updates, the new status update undo option is a faster and much more convenient shortcut to do so when speed is absolutely essential.

3. Company status

Finally, WhatsApp Feature Tracker gets a new feature in WABetaInfo that allows users to view status updates for Company accounts by clicking the profile picture on the Business Information page.  This is useful for keeping up to date with certain local businesses and provides a real-time overview of their respective pages.  This is something we discussed in a previous story, where WhatsApp acts as a kind of modern  yellow-leaf style catalog  .

When a user touches a company profile picture, they’ll see two options: “view profile photo” and “view status,” each of which provides useful information about the company.  The Facebook-owned chat app retains the old method of seeing where status updates are visible on the status tab, but these new locally-focused changes are part of WhatsApp’s plan to expand its offerings to business users on some of the  best Android. phones  .

To try out the new features, you need to sign up for the  Google Play Beta  , where members can try WhatsApp  Everyone else will have to resist for stable deployment in the near future.

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